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The Benefits of Window Shutters



Plantation window shutters provide you with numerous benefits.

For example...



By tilting the louvre slats, you can obtain total or partial privacy with ease.

You also have the option of closing the lower half of the shutters completely and keeping the upper half of the shutters partially opened in order to let light into your room.



It has been proved that by having interior shutters fitted, you can save up to 51% of heat reduction which would be lost through your windows and doors.



When the shutters are tilted at 45 degrees, it is virtually impossible for passers-by to look into your home.

Installing shutters can also act as a deterrent to intruders, as the "un-wanted guests" will be oblivious whether you're home or away.



Sound levels are dramaticaly reduced when the shutters are fully closed - which can be an added advantage for people who work on a rota system and need to sleep during daylight hours.

Shutters also offer an ideal function against road-side noise.



Draw your shutters back completely to let the light flood into your room, or close your shutters and open the louvre slats to allow as much or as little light in as you desire.

All our window shutters have a UV protection finish.



Wooden window shutters are virtually maintenance free and will last for many years.

They never need lubricating, re-painting, nor re-staining.   Just a simple wipe over with a damp cloth is all that is required. 

And in the worst case scenario - that you should accidentally break one of the louvre blades - with every shutter we install, we include, free of charge, two spare replacement ones, which can easily be exchanged.



For people suffering from allergies, especially dust allergies, having plantation shutters installed can be an absolute "God-send" - as they are far easier to keep clean than curtains or blinds, thus discouraging a breeding ground for dust mites.



Wooden window shutters can be a life-time investment. 

And with a range of prices to suit every pocket, buying shutters once can save you the expence of replacing curtains or blinds on a regular basis.



Shutters can be used for multiple applications.

The manufacturers promise that whatever shape can be drawn with a pencil, a window shutter can be made to that exact shape.

No other window furnishing can offer this promise.

Shutters can also be used as room dividers or wardrobe doors - either sliding or fold back (bi- fold).

Solid wooden shutters are very authentic and look superb when fitted in traditional Georgian houses or manor homes.



All our shutters are hand made at the world's largest shutter factory.

Within a 2.2 million square foot facility, and with over 2,300 dedicated employees producing wooden plantation shutters every week, your shutters will be skilllfully made to top specifications.

Also taking into account that the UK has such a diverse climate throughout the seasons, shutters for the UK market are made to suit that environment.  Shutters which are destined for a warmer country, such as Spain or Italy, are made to suit their particular climate. 

Every detail in production has been throughly tested so you can be assured that your shutters will be of the highest quality, as every stage of production is digitally photographed and checked, double checked, and triple checked - to ensure that your window shutters leave the factory custom-made to your bespoke requirements.

All our shutters are coated with six coats of paint or stain - which helps to give a beautiful, yet tough, sheen. 

And to prevent fading, they are finally finished with a layer of UV protective coating.


So your only concern is choosing from the fantastic range of shutters...

By Trevor Knight