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How to Clean Your Vertical Blind Slats
by Trevor Knight


Washable blinds are an ideal choice, especially when choosing kitchen blinds or bathroom blinds.

Most window blind retailers offer a range of washable vertical blind fabrics.

But the most frequently asked question from the consumer is: "How do I clean my blinds?"

The slats can be easily taken down. And once the bottom weights and chains have been removed, the slats can be rolled up together, placed in a pillow case (in order to keep the blindslats together) and washed in the washing machine. 

This is usually done at a temperature of 40 degrees (please check with your window blind supplier that this is the correct setting for your particular window blind slats which you have purchased).

It is a good idea to wash just one of the slats first to ensure you have the correct temperature. This will give you the confidence to wash the others.

Most other types of vertical blind slats can simple be wiped over with washing up liquid diluted with water.

Vertical blinds can also be cleaned ultrasonically, but this method could work out quite expensive - and it can sometimes be more economical to purchase a new set of slats.

If you have any difficulty finding a supplier to provide you with a replacement slat service, please don't hesitate to contact us here at  to find out how you can purchase replacement vertical blind slats directly.

Trevor Knight
Direct Blinds, Wigan


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