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Choosing your Window Blind from Direct Blinds of Wigan
by Trevor Knight

Choosing your window blinds should be fun!

After all, adding window blinds to any room-set can totally transform the ambience of any room in your home.

Having worked in the window blind business for over 30 years, measuring and fitting blinds in Wigan and district, you could say that I have enough experience and knowledge to pass some advice to you that will point you in the right direction.

So I would like to offer you some pointers you may wish to consider before you choose the perfect blind....

VERTICAL BLINDS are still by and far the most popular blinds, mainly because they offer the practicality of letting in as much - or as little light - as possible.

But they also have the advantage of the tilt and turn action of the slats (or vanes) to give you the privacy you may need.

Something to mention - which many people are un-aware of is: after many years service, if your blinds show any signs of becoming worn - or you just desire a change of colour - you can replace your vertical slats or vanes for about half the cost of replacing the complete blind.
You keep the head-rail (which usually lasts about 15 years) and simply change your slats.

Most blind companies will be able to supply and fit your new slats along with new weights and beads, and your blind will look as good as new.

ROLLER BLINDS are the next favourite. Because they don’t take up as much room on your window sill, there’s space for ornaments, etc.

As the name suggests, roller blinds can be rolled up to be virtually unnoticeable. Or you do have the option of complementing your roller blinds with a scalloped or shaped finish, along with a matching braid or pole with end finials for added appeal.

VENETIAN BLINDS are available in different slat widths. But the most popular width is 25mm (or 1 inch).

These come as colour co-ordinated, which means that the bottom rail, the top rail, and the cords are all matching.

Venetian blinds can be a bit of a chore to clean, but if you keep hold of the poly tube that they came packed in, you can clean the blind by placing it into the poly tube, filling it with warm water, adding washing powder, and then just allowing the blinds to soak.

This method cleans the cords as well.

PLEATED BLINDS are ideal blinds for conservatory roofs.

They can work out a little more expensive. But they’re worth it in the long run - as they do help keep your conservatory cool in summer and warm in winter, enabling you to enjoy your conservatory in comfort.

Pleated blinds are perfect for the conservatory side elevations as well.

WOODEN BLINDS and WOODEN SHUTTERS are the "in thing" at the moment and are very popular, especially to complement wooden floors and wooden furniture.

The eco friendly types of materials which are used today completely eliminate the warping and twisting problems which were a concern in the early days when wooden blinds and wooden shutters first came on the scene.

PERFECT FIT BLINDS are a great addition to the range of blinds that are available today.

This type of blind is constructed within its own frame, and when fitted to your PVC windows looks just like an integral part of your window.

Many of these are the ideal choice for patio doors, conservatories, and back doors (where there is not enough room to fit a conventional blind due to lack of recess space to accommodate the brackets.

Also the fitting of these types of blinds requires no screw fixings - because the brackets are designed to fit in between the glass and the rubber seal, eliminating any possible damage to the windows.

ROMAN BLINDS are really taking over from the old festoon blinds of the past.

They offer a softer feel to your window dressing and definitely transform the atmosphere of your room-set.

Available in some wonderful fabrics and designs they are a great addition.

The only down side is that they have to be taken down periodically to be dry cleaned.


I don’t really want to end on a sour note, but here at Direct Blinds, Wigan, we feel it so important to mention and address the importance of adding Child Safety Options to all blinds where young children or grandchildren, or even pets, can be in danger of blinds loops left unattended.

Eight children have died from strangulation from blind cords and chains in the last 18 months, and for peace of mind, for the cost of just a few pounds it is well worth the investment in the Child Safety Options.


By choosing the right kinds of blinds for your home, you can enjoy many years of pleasure.  Direct Blinds, Wigan, provide a free choose-at-home service to compliment our decades of experience in helping customers achieve the ideal blinds for their home or office.

You can contact Trevor or Audrey to discuss your needs - or your ideas. We’ll be certain to have something to match your requirements - and at a very competitive price too.


Trevor Knight
Direct Blinds, Wigan


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- Maureen & David, Hindley, Wigan

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